Employment Law Consulting

The main objective of this area is to provide answers to all those questions that may arise following the hiring of staff, which is a reputedly one of the most delicate aspects of running a company.  Being well advised on employment law and how to apply it is paramount to minimize future potential problems.


  • Preparation of payroll and social security
  • Application and updating of collective agreements and labour law regulations
  • Processing of hires, discharges and changes of employment status
  • Registration of the Company inn the Social Security and any subsequent amendments
  • Registration on a self employed status and any such other special status
  • Employment Contracts and extensions, evaluating the different modalities and possible subsidies and tax credit
  • Quarterly and annual Tax Returns for deductions and payments on account for all Income Tax as well as statement of withholdings
  • Assisting and challenging any Company Inspection.  Replying to enquiries and settlements as well as submitting appeals
  • Dismissal procedure and representation at any industrial tribunals
  • Other processes: employment life statements, certificates of being up-to-date with payments, applications for tax collection and deferment, presentation of contracts of employment, accidents reports’ processing.